Blockchain for small

Cowry app allow you to issue your own digital currency on your block chain under Shima-chain technology.
It is free of charge. You don't need to buy other digital currency before get started. Download, set currency name, set ammount you issue, distribute your customer, they start to use, that's it.

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Cowry: way better than coupon tickets.

Coupon tickets is good idea. If you sell a cup of coffee at $4, you may want to sell a coffee coupon tickets at $20 for 6 cups. Your customer can enjoy "buy 5 get 1 free" deal and your cafe get cash in advance.

Problem of classic coupon tickets is customer easy to lost it and you may need to design and print tickets.

Cowry app with your own digital currency solve the problem.

Issue your own digital currency on Cowry.

It is easy and free of charge to setup your own digital currency. Then you can sell your digital currency by exchange of cash at your store front.

You may sell 24 unit of your currency at $20. Customer can use 1 unit as $1. So both of customer and shopkeeper enjoy same benefit as paper coffee coupon tickets.

The data is stored on iCloud and safe. Shopkeeper does not need printing cost. Issueing your currency on Cowry is free of charge.

Another benefit is your customer can send or receive your digital currency among friends on Cowry app.

Your digital currency, your Blockchain by Shima chain technology.

We have designed and developed blockchain technology for small business by ourself. Our blockchain, called Shima chain, is not a single big chain. It is a mass of independent small blockchain. Each blockchain belong to issuer of the currency. Cowry app is client of private block chains under Shima chain technology.

Shima chain: The most affordable blockchain technology.

We have developed Shima chain beacause we need it for small amount transaction such as buying a cup of coffee. Existing blockchain is designed for large amount transaction over $1,000 and transaction cost on Bitcoin or Ehtereum is acceptable for that amount. But it is too expensive for a cup of coffee.

Unlike Bitcoin or Ethereum, our scenario on blockchain does not need de-centralization. Actually a coffee shop owner want to be a central of his shop's transaction.

The benefit of blockchain for us is it is impossible to be falsified. This make us to develop our system much secure and safety. Even the system stops, blockchain data remains on owner's iPhone.

Anything about your shop will be stored on your blockchain.

The blockchain by Shima chain allow you to store transaction data of your currency, it also store any kind of data you want. For example, when you set your premise name or photo for your blockchain, those data is also saved on Shima-chain blockchain.

Blockchain without fee.

Since Shima-chain does not work for de-centerlization and allow shopkeeper administrate its own blockchain instead, entire system of Shima chain is much light weighted than other blockchain. We can provide Shima chain without transaction fee. That's why you can use this for micro transaction such as a cup of coffee.

Beta test in Japan soon on Dec 2018 then public launch.

We are going to launch public beta for iOS soon on Dec 2018. But the app is only available in Japanese so far. If you don't mind in Japanese, please register by button below.

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Pre registration is only in Japanese so far

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